Saturday, July 09, 2011

Review Lambat: KL Gangster

Okay I finally watched the movie last night. 
And what did I think of it?

Not bad Shamsul Yusof... not bad at all.....

First of all, it has solid story line, not some crappy ending that left us all confused at the end of the day, the message was clear, and the fighting scenes was believable. You can felt that they really are fighting, not just practicing some fancy taichi or something.  Especially the character Jai played by Adi Putra. (His fighting scenes)

I don't know what's all the hype about Aaron Aziz's body, I think AdiPutra's hotter. Sorry Aaron's fan. Different preferences I guess.=P=P

Yes sometimes you felt like watching a Hong Kong movie played by some tanned Asian, and most importantly, no phony and nauseating romantic stuff. There's no sexy heroins as an attraction. The movie only had like 3 women who played the 3 littlest characters, the mom, the sister, and the sister's friend. Not that I think the characters not important, they're good enough to tell the story and relevant enough to complement the story line.

I hate it when a gangster acting all macho and violent and suddenly he went home and turned into a hopeless romantic with the girlfriend. It's a gangster movie for crying out loud.
I'm glad that's not the case in this movie.

And YES, a little bump on the road, Shamsul Yusof again, who played Shark, is VERY annoying. He might get my applause for his directing role. But his acting? Err..

How ironic is that only he get most of the interesting lines.. I don't know whether you guys noticed, he delivered like 40% of the movie's dialogue, the cool ones. And I kinda get his Chinese slang, maybe his character supposed to be a Chinese guy,  like I said, dark skinned, wide eyed Chinese. You know.. maybe King married with Shark's mom, a Chinese woman, or something.=P

Seriously, at one point it sounded as if he's rapping a line from a song..=P

But I'm okay with that, it kinda worked for the bad ass gangster role he's playing.. I guess..=)

And who shoots his step-dad with 2 guns? Why? He couldn't die with just one gun? 
But again, I kinda get it, it looks cool and crooked..=P

Other actors in the movie played their part well too i guess, I love Sofi Jikan who played Dragon's right hand man Ajib. He's vicious and funny, and his dialogue doesn't sounds like he's trying to hard. *cough*Shark*cough*

And Zizan, he might as well just be Abg Long Zizan in this movie, no need to change the name to Fadil. When he said "Bagi die la, bagi die la KL ni." I seriously thought 'KL' is some kind of a toy truck Malek stole from Shark when he was a kid. Priceless.=P
And because Zizan is so Zizan, I swear at one point I was expecting Johan will appear somewhere in the movie..=P

I think Aaron Aziz's voice is a bit soft for an ex-gangster, and I wish Bront Paralae's is in the movie too, but we can't have too much of a good thing don't we..=)

Just what I think would be better, if the story tells us, how Shark back-stabbed the main character Malek that made him sent to jail, and what've King done to Sharks mom that made him (secretly) hold grudge to his stepdad at the end of the movie.

But all and all, kudos to Shamsul Yusof.
For this particular movie, I can proudly say,

Support our local film industry. (^_^)


Hannah Johary said...

Hahaha can't help laughing throughout the review. Best gila. Ada cerita pasal Shark rapping lah. Ada cerita Abang Fadil & toy truck nya lah. :D

If you are a full-time review writer in some magazine, I will definitely subscribe it throughout my life. Because of your reviews.

Love this to bits!

missnadira said...

hehehe..thanks hannah..just wrote what i felt..tapi betul tau..some part of this movie mmg klaka without even trying..:P:P


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