Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, it's semester break again..
let me list the best thing about being home.

  • my own room
  • my own comfy bed
  • my own TOILET
  • big ass washing machine
  • Astro Supersport channels  
  • I can wear my pyjamas all day long
  • doesn't have to worry how my hair looks like
  • waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and fish splashing in the pond every morning
  • I can drive everyday
  • I can go out everyday
  • I can go to the mall, cinema, even the zoo, jogging in the morning, waterfalls, whenever I want
  • or just stay at home everyday
  • No classes,no assignments,no exams
  • I don't have to socialize
  • I can sleep with my parents
  • I can shout to my brothers EVERYDAY..(^_^)
Heaven on earth..

when will the ETS train to Taiping will ever be done... at that time, I'll go back to hometown every friggin' week..(^_^)


adila13430 said...

aku jeles dgn ko..
nk cuti lame2 gak.. @_@

missnadira said...

haha..aku lak jeles ngan ko..aku nak keje!!:P:P


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