Sunday, March 15, 2009

jejak kasihan

Arini saye bangun agak awal around 915. despite of tdo at almost 4.tapi sy berguling2 dan berangan2 atas katil sampai around 11 am. I've to meet my girls today at Midvalley. Ida and Ain D. Three of us were bestfriends in highschool but never met each other for 4 years since we finished school. And for my case 5 years since i moved out from bainun in form 4. So kire macam reunion kecil-kecilan la, tu sebab tajuk post ni diberi name jejak kasihan.:P:P.

I fetch Ida around 230 after almost 1hour deciding what to wear. I hate it when i have to think what to wear everytime i wanna go out. It's tiring really. So we both headed to Midvalley and met Ain D with her bf there. Actually Ain je yang nak shopping baju for her birthday party next week. So Ida kinda jadi fashion consultant, while me as assistant cum cameragirl that day.haha.. before shopping2 Me and Ida had our lunch at Sweet Chat. Isi minyak dulu.baru boleh jalan..:P

This is what we had.
Ala lupe lak name2 nye. Nanti tanye Ida balik.

The drinks. Mine is the red one, sangat sedap oke.

My dish. Spicy pasta something2. Sedap jugak. Pasta with a Malaysian touch.Rase macam masak lemak@rendang daging skit rase die.

After reload perut baru la jalan2. Merate2 jugakla pergi. This is what we did while waiting for Ain try2 baju.

Sy mencangkung doesn't mean i'm sakit perut oke.

Ida duduk besila terus.

tadaaa! Ain da siap!

Group pose!

My favorite pose of all. Ain D the drama queen. :P:P:P

All three of us da setuju she bought this dress for her party but for some reason she was not allowed to buy it so she ended up with a black and white dress instead which we havent took any picture of it since we were all confident that she'll bought this one. Haha. tapi xpe. Puas tangkap gamba. Almost an hour jugakla duduk dlm changing room tu saje.:P

After beli baju, we all lepak kat Secret Recipe and sembang about good old days and current gossip of our school friends. Hehe, its not a girls day out without a cup of coffe and some 'hot' news kan kan..:P:P

Then Ain D and bf headed home, while me and Ida decided to watch 'Race to Witch Mountain'.

Lepas tu balik. Cant wait to attend Ain's birthday party next week! :P:P

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