Monday, November 17, 2008

Movies I've been aching to watch

Release Date: March 6th, 2009
Director: Zack Snyder

The poster is not the movie poster, it's just the comic poster. The movie poster haven't released yet or maybe I didn't search it hard enough. I fall in love with this movie the second I watch it's trailer. It's a different type of superhero movie. A group of superheroes, I don't want to write the whole synopsis here because it'll be too long. Zack Snyder is the same director who made the movie 300. So you can expect the best from the visual aspect. I love this kind of movie - action, thriller, fantasy but still if the story line isn't strong enough, I'd rather sleep the whole two hours in the cinema to make my moneys worth. But I can't deny one of the factor that contribute to my interest in this film is the background song. Maybe you'll think its just the song, but for me the background song plays huge deal of role to set the mood for the story. Sometimes the stories isn't that great but if it had certain moments that go along with a great background song that really relate to a scene, it will stays in my heart for some time. What's more if the song is your all time favorite. I love Take A Bow because it has unique and somber and eerie,cynical feeling I don't know how to put it in words but MUSE's song are really something. It really suites the trailer and now I'm having a sky high expectation for this movie. Just hope I won't get frustrated later on. =)

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
Date Released: 17th July 2009
Director: David Yates description. And can't find the film poster either. Everybody knows Harry Potter and maybe most of you have read the novel. I really can't wait to see the movie version of it. It supposed to be out this month but they delayed it to middle of next year. Hope it'll not be as disappointing as the last one because we've been waiting quite long for this one.

*updated 18 Nov.
I got the poster! =D=D

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