Sunday, October 12, 2008

A late birthday present

This year is my 21st year, actually 2007 is.. but being a December baby, i have only 2 weeks of my 21st year on 2007. Most of the people said being born late agak rugi. Orang masuk darjah satu umur 7 tahun, kite masuk darjah satu umur 6 tahun 2 minggu. Org form 5 dah bawak kete gi skolah, saye pas abis SPM baru leh amik lesen. But what can i do, i'm not the one who decide when i'm gonna get out from my mom's belly..

Last December when i turned 21, my mom was so uneasy because i didn't have any celebration or didn't get any present from anybody. I don't mind really, but she insisted to buy something that i can remember until I'm old. For her, 21 is the age to remember. When she was 21, she bought herself a huge keyshaped cake and invite all of her friends and colleague to celebrate. In short, she had a party on her 21st year and of course it will be a moment to remember because it was also the first year she celebrate her birthday with her own money.

Mom with boyfriend - in her early 20's.=P

Mom said she want to buy me a keyshaped necklace. So that i can wear it for Raya and also because i never had any jewelry since i was in primary school. I used to left it somewhere or lose one of the diamonds. The last time i wore a gold necklace, i was running all around the house and it's stuck on my grandma's curtain and tuff! putus!. Mom was sooo furious and never let me wore any since that. hehe. I don't know why I'm soo reluctant to any type of gold at that time, whether its a necklace or a ring or a bracelet. Even now I still don't think wearing gold is cool. haha. So mom ask me to look for a white gold instead. She said girls MUST have a jewelry on them no matter what.hehe

So i went looking for keyshaped necklace everytime i went out shopping. I've searched at Tomei and even Habib Jewel but i can't find anything that suites me. It always too small, or too expensive and tak banyak pilihan. Then me and mom went to Lazo Diamond at Tesco Taiping. For my shock, theres about 10 different types of keyshaped pendant available. Tengok, cari kat kedai gempak2 kat KL xde, kat Tesco Taiping jugak yg jumpa. haha. After comparing and choosing and trying, i decided to have this one.

It's not really a typical keyshaped. It is actually a combination of Love shape at the top and number 21 at the bottom, 2 as its key teeth and 1 as the bone of the key, i don't know how to describe but i think u guys can understand what i mean. haha. but it does look like a key from far.

So this Raya, i got a new necklace and also a birthday present. Even though I'm going 22 in only 2 months time. It's not much, but its definitely something. I promise mom, I'll take good care of it and never let any of my grandma's curtain ripped it off again..=P=P=P

Ripped off?? is that a suitable word for 'putus'? hehe..xkesahla kan...

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SyMacKz said...

ermm..geram tgk tengkuk u dgn rantai tuh ahaha..


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