Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new taste of music

i've currently found my playlist had been repeating this kind of music over and over again for the past few months. And i'm sure a lot of people(probably my age) had been attracted to this kind of music as well.

When i was in secondary school most of the boys are into The Butterfingers music. But of course as a girl, i don't understand this kind of band at that time and more into BSB and N'

The Butterfingers

I started liking Malaysian bands when i heard a song in the radio 3 years ago. I dont know it was Malaysian band at first so i search for Metallica and other international band to find the title and lyrics. of course i didn't find any. I check back on FlyFm where first i heard it, but still cant find what song it is. I asked a friend and he told me it's Faith by Seven Collar T-shirt.
And i still repeating the song thousands in my playlist until now.

After that i heard Redline by Shizuka. But i can't find any info about the band. Neither their new song. At the same time theres a song Salahkah Aku by The Muffins that has been quite famous in mainstream radio. but i think i didn't heard any news of them or their new songs after that.

Meet Uncle Hussain

Seven Collar T-shirt


Currently, bands like Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan are the most known indie bands in Malaysia and i myself had started liking their music.

Just hoping they'll not again vanished into thin air after few years like other good bands before...Let me know(or correct me if i'm wrong about these bands) if you have info about any other good indie bands. i'd be glad to hear more..=)

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.von de medd. said...

seven collar t-shirt - baru kuar DVD live performance diorg.uhuhu~~~ seperti bess.n sekarang tgh buat lagu utk nxt album maybe.cek la myspace mereke.ohye~! mereke ade band side-project >>estrella.(bess jugak)

butterfingers - hujung bln nh klua cd single 1000 tahun.haha~~ bes nh!

heheh~! tgh tader kerje cuti2 nh


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