Saturday, March 31, 2007

kekacang bean

Talking about gadget..i remember when i'm in my matrix year in 2004 i've ask my uncle if he had an 'extra' pendrive(since he works in Sony =P). He said he'll try to check if there were any.After a few months he didn't mention about it so i just assumed that there were no 'extra'. So i just forget about the thing. Last Hari Raya, my uncle remind me about something i've asked before. Since i've already forgotten about that (for God's sake it's almost 2 years..) he just tell me "It's okay i'll give it to u's duit raya plus birthday present." So i think oh okay..whatever u wanna give.. me its my pleasure..haha..and later on he gave me this bulky i open it immediately and instead of duit raya, i get this...

hehehe...thank you soo much uncle..but its quite sad..bcos its already 2 years for him to find an extra for me...haha..i supposed to ask him for 'kacang soya'..i might be getting this..

hehehe...1 gig jugak...and its more or less the same...but maybe it can't fit into the angpow sack kot..hahaha... but now these things are not important for me anymore..bcos i've had a new love..Sony Ericsson w660... dunno why i've always fall in love with the Sony family...hmm..=D

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Hannah Johary said...

The kacang soya is soooo shweeeeet! Macam nak pengsan tengok! Furthermore it's pink, my fav color.. Huhu macam dah nak mati dah ni. How much ye? Tak sabar nak pegi tengok kat Sony.. ;P


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