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Turkiye/Greece 2015 - Fethiye Part 2: Paragliding in Oludeniz

Day 7 - 9th October 2015 (Friday)

I booked this paragliding trip with SkySports Paragliding weeks before my trip after reading good reviews on Trip Advisor. This is what I've been looking forward to after rock climbing in Kalymnos.

My session was at 9am in the morning so I waited at Sky Sports office after having my super breakfast at the hotel earlier. The office was actually just downstairs from my room. Talk about convenience.

So after everyone were gathered, we went up the Babadag Mountain with a van. To be honest, the view going up the mountain in the morning was breathtaking. Scary, but breathtaking.

The van went through multiple corners and wayyy too steep cliffs that I couldn't dare to look out the van windows. The roads were rough and you can tell it's used only for paragliding purpose.
I didn't manage to capture the scenery up there since we were advised not to bring our phones during our paragliding. So we left all our belongings in SkySports office.

The mountain was almost 2000meters high but our take off point was slightly lower from the peak at 1800meters.

I was the first to go from my session.
My paraglider Murat, explains few steps and stuffed me inside this hideous jumpsuit and put a helmet on my head.
I'm grateful for the jumpsuit though since it was freezing up there in the morning and you're almost 2000meters above the ground.

Before taking off. Just a few runs down the bricked path and I'm already on the air.

After we're up on the air, Murat ask me to take off my helmet so he can start taking pictures and videos. Now I know why our phones weren't allowed. But I love all the  pictures. Seriously.(^_^)

Me busy with my hair.

Touched down at Oludeniz beach.

30 minutes was really worth it. Murat is a friendly person so you wont feel bored up there.
You have enough time to take pictures with various poses, ask him questions about paragliding, watch other solo paragliders do their stunts and Murat doing some stunts himself and still have enough time to admire the beauty of Babadag Mountain, Blue Lagoon and Oludeniz beach from up above.

Worth all the hassle and the money spent.

Oludeniz is a place that I want to come back to in the future.
Thank God for the experience.

Next - Saklikent Gorge

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