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Perhentian Islands Trip

I've tender my resignation to my current company last month. September will be my last month working here. I got few annual leave left that  I can clear up,with no more project on hand, so I declare that September is my holiday month.

First leg was Perhentian Islands with 5 other colleagues on 6-8 September 2014. We planned this 3 month before and thank God it turned out quite well.

So lets recap.

Day 1 - 6th Sept 2014(Sat)
7.30am - Arrived at Kota Bharu Airport. 
We took a cab to Kuala Besut Jetty and bought together tickets for return boat from Besut Jetty - Perhentian Kecil for RM87 per person at the airport counter.
Arrived at Kuala Besut jetty about an hour later.
And the boat from Kuala Besut jetty arrived at Perhentian Kecil in about 45minutes.
The water was so so but clear enough to see all the fishes down the jetty.

Us overlooking Shari-La Resort at the back.

At the time it was like 11am but unfortunately the check-in time for our rooms are at 3pm. We booked 2 rooms but we only managed to check-in one room first, so we decided to put all of our bags there and kill the time to Perhentian Island Resort (PIR) at Perhentian Besar.
Boat fee was RM180 for 6 people.

There I got a little disappointed because of the huge tide. Supposedly we could snorkel at Turtle point and Coral point, but due to the heavy tides, snorkeling was pointless. I got frustrated but at the end just went along with the rest playing with the heavy tides and lay on the beach. Water is so so. Nothing much we could do other than that.

Around 4pm we head back to Perhentian Kecil, had our late brunch by the beach, settled down in our rooms, take a bath and I went straight face stuffed to the mattress and slept until 7pm.T_T
The boat from Besut Jetty to Kecil is a bit nauseating and all the frustration is PIR might've wear me out a little so they wake me up and we went for dinner at Long Beach.

Long Beach is around 15minutes hike across the Island from Ombak Resort where we stayed.

 It's supposed to be happening according to all the internet reviews but all we can see is fire show by amateur performer and nothing more, so we stayed there for couple of minutes and then we went back to our room playing cards till 2am.:D

Day 2-7th Sept 2014(Sun)
The next day was way better.

We took Rawa Island Trip package for 300RM (6people), where we went to Serengeh Island, Tokong Burung Island, Rawa Island, Fishermen Village for lunch and then to the Lighthouse as Turtle Point was a dead end due to high tide.

Yesterday I was not impressed with Perhentian Kecil and Besar beach and water. It was not as pristine as I expected but when the boat guy bring us to the Serengeh Island, I was impressed by the underwater life.

And then we went to Tokong Burung, which tops up whatever impression I had for Serengeh because of the turquoise water, white beach, and unique rock island. Here the water was very shallow so the guys cut themselves a lot with the corals. 

4 of us went to explore the little island, but Yana and Wong decided to stay and feed the fish.

I personally think that Tokong Burung is the highlight of our Perhentian Trip. The clams are everywhere. I even manage to see one baby shark there. Aishah saw two. But didn't manage to snap any picture of it though.

One of the clams

This coral looks eerily similar to human fingers @_@ 

Wong underwater

At the light house, the tide was heavy again, which make it quite scary to jump cos we worried the tide might smash us to the lighthouse foundation. But me and Kabir managed to jump off the 2nd ledge (cos I was too chickened out to climb to the top and jump.heh
The rest stayed on the boat and took our pictures.:)

After the Lighthouse, we went back to shore and hire a kayak on Long Beach for RM25 per boat.(2 units of 3 seater boats). No kayak pictures. We wrap up our day activities after that.

At Ewan's Cafe for dinner afterwards. The food on the island were generally quite nice despite the prices which are double up from the normal price.

Day 3 - 8th Sept 2014(Mon)
We went back to Long Beach again for Banana Boat ride. We only have time for one more activities because check-out time is 12pm.
The price for Banana Boat is RM120 (6 person) for 20-25 minutes. We fall 3 times.
I used to ride this back in 2008 in Port Dickson. I forget how scary it was to be drag so fast with no idea which turn will make you fall. :D:D

No Banana Boat pictures, not a good one at least.:D

You can see a lot of similar booth like this along the Long Beach offering water sports and Island hopping packages.

And then we got to see these little turtle which they kept in a polystyrene box. Since we didn't manage to see the one on the sea yesterday, this counts as something.

Yana with her turtle


It was worth getting this sunburn. (^_^)

4pm - We took a apeed boat just for the 6 of us back to Kuala Besut Jetty.

All and all it was a fun weekend. It was our first trip as colleagues, first time snorkeling for some of them and it gives me perspective on Peninsular and Borneo Malaysia Islands.

Cant wait for my next Island trip.(^_^)

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